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Innovation Business Services Helping Community Through Partnership

This is about “Business Supporting Community” because without Community and those that support it, there is no Business.

At Innovation Networks over the last few years, investing support in our local / regional community has had tangible benefits and returns for our company and staff. We have supported causes, donated time and money, built web sites and hosted them, advertised events and generally provided our technical expertise and other assets. In return, we have received awards, advertising and business exposure, recognition, referrals and other benefits that have helped us survive the challenges to grow and become the business we are today.

Recent and past cuts to funding for Government programs and aid have severely crippled some of the volunteer and non-profit organizations within our local community. These organizations and groups are extremely important to us not only as a business, but as a community, for without them, we have little or no community and hence we have no business.

By alleviating some of the stress these groups experience by providing quality business products, services and expertise without the burden of direct cost we benefit greatly as a company. If we benefit, we grow. If we grow, we put back into the community. To coin an often over-used phrase – it’s a WIN-WIN situation for all.

Are you from a community group or non-profit association that need’s some help? If you are and you feel we can help you, please feel free to contact us and tell us about yourself and your needs. Fill in our short form to get the process started. We do not accept everyone that applies but don’t let that stop you, we will evaluate your application and let you know as soon as we can if you are a good candidate for our program. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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