Protect Your Employees and Network by Preventing Questionable and Unsafe Content from Entering Your IT Infrastructure

By utilizing our Open-Source solution, you can take control of the content your employees can access on the Internet, thereby increasing productivity, reducing workstation and network downtime, and providing a safe and clean digital work environment.

Enterprise-level Strength Firewall for a Fraction of the Cost

Proactively protecting your users and your network from malicious and inappropriate content on the Internet will ensure a safe and comfortable workplace for everyone, as well as prevent many typical workstation issues. You can choose to block social networking sites that may distract users, or simply prevent access to porn sites which are distasteful for the work environment.  The spectrum of allowed web content is controlled by you.

In conjunction with blocking questionable content, you can actively protect your network from spyware and other malicious software, which clogs up network traffic and bogs down workstations.


  • Blocks Viruses, Spyware, and Phishing Sites
  • Completely customizable; block or allow any number of sites
  • Deploys as a Router or a Network Bridge, allowing flexibility depending on your current network infrastructure
  • Advance Routing and OpenVPN features
  • Automatically protect your organization from inappropriate workplace content
  • Intrusion Prevention to stop hackers before they reach internal servers and desktops
  • Protocol Control to reclaim network bandwidth from applications that normally evade firewall rules
  • Can comply with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA), perfect for schools and public infrastructures


  • Cost-effective software that runs on generic Intel/AMD hardware with very reasonable minimum requirements
  • Full reporting suite
  • 24x7x365 Support
  • Block spyware and malware from entering your network
  • Reclaim your Network and control the content your users can access

Streamlined User Experience

Innovation’s Web Filtering and Firewall is fast and effective and won’t get in your users’ way as they work. Unlike typical Internet security applications like Norton 360 or MacAfee Internet Security, our Web Filtering doesn’t install on your workstations or servers, and thus doesn’t bog them down. Most of your users won’t even know it’s in place. However, if a user tries to visit a blocked site, they are directed to a customized page with your company logo, stating that the content has been deemed inappropriate for your organization.
The average worker admits to frittering away 2.09 hours on the average 8-hour workday, and the biggest distraction is personal internet use. 44.7% of polled users confess that web surfing is their preferred activity for wasting time. Innovation’s Web Filtering can help keep your users on task and focused.

Whether you just want to increase productivity for your employees, or you want to comply with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA), Innovation’s Web Filtering can custom tailor the right solution for your organization. We can even recycle one of your old, outdated PCs to convert it into a powerful content filtering system, adding value back to an otherwise out-of-service workstation.

Another Big Step in Protecting Your Infrastructure

The mission of Innovation is to provide Enterprise-Level IT support for small-business costs by using smart, proactive measures to protect your IT investment. The more layers of protection your organization has, the more powerful and cost effective Innovation becomes. Innovation’s Content Filtering can assist by preventing viruses, spyware, and other malware that can be embedded into legitimate websites. Think of it as an extra line of defence to keep your network running fast and secure. Best of all, your users won’t experience any slowdown that is typical of most software security patches.

Innovation’s Content Filtering can run on an old workstation connected to your network. This puts value in an outdated piece of hardware that would otherwise be taken out of circulation and means a very low hardware cost, even if you don’t have an old workstation to use.

Protect your IT investment with Innovation’s Content Filtering today, and ask about our comprehensive small business Managed Services

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