Information Technology today is very complex, requiring a deep understanding of many disciplines. The tendency is to seek expertise in all these disciplines through specialized resources.


The result? Multiple IT vendors, with multiple points of contact and accountability, making it very difficult to align IT with your organizational objectives. You are not necessarily further ahead.


Instead of sourcing from multiple vendors to evaluate, acquire, deploy, and support your computing environment, you can trust your IT to one reliable company that can help with all aspects of your IT infrastructure. One vendor, one monthly expense, one point of contact for all your support needs, a single point of accountability. Let Innovation Networks become your IT outsourcing partner for all of your IT management needs.


We simplify your IT management processes by taking responsibility for and managing the entire computing lifecycle as your trusted IT outsourced partner.

  • Data Centre Services
  • Private Cloud Services
  • Public Cloud Services
  • Network Services (Connectivity / Load Balancing)
  • Computing Services (Servers / Blades / vServers)
  • Storage Services (Local / DAS / SAN)
  • System & Application Monitoring (Local & Global)
  • DNS Services

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