What It Means to Us

These days, businesses that do not require technology are few and far between. However, there are many businesses with technology that are nonetheless operating without a strategic plan for their Information Technology. The purpose of a good IT plan is so that a business is not caught with unexpected IT expenses or an IT infrastructure that does not support their long term goals. All the best business planning can serve an owner well, but without the right technology to support that plan, there will be problems. Those problems will inhibit generating revenue, and quite likely be costly.

What We Can Do

Get us on site! If it plugs in, we should know about it. If it holds sensitive information, you WANT us to know about it. Innovation Networks houses a fully functional Network Operation Center in Richmond, BC. Our team fields calls throughout all hours of the day to ensure your IT needs are met in a reasonable amount of time without even being at your place of business. That being said, we are also fully mobile and can come to your office for any maintenance required. From a consulting perspective, we are best suited to learn about what you do and identify those key areas of vulnerability and then suggest how to mitigate any risks to you, your clients, or your equipment.

Why Do It?

Managing your technology is a very time consuming practice. There are countless hours of diagnostics that go into building a network. Allowing us to manage this from start to finish provides you with the peace of mind that your technology is being managed properly, and there are minimal–if any–areas of vulnerability within your operation. Tightening up your technology allows you to run your business with confidence no matter what stage of your business plan you are in.

How Does it Happen?

The consulting team of Innovation Networks works very closely with the Network Operations Centre, and because of this we will be able to map out the most effective way for your operation to receive the support you need for your IT. Depending on your needs, perhaps a full service agreement is called for, or perhaps a smaller package will do. Regardless, the Innovation Networks team is about empowering fellow business owners, and we believe providing you with the best-suited service for your needs is the best way to do that, and we start with your IT.

Let our IT engineers roll out your IT project by providing all the checks and measures required to insure the success of your launch.