At Innovation Networks we understand that one Service Level Agreement (SLA) does not meet each unique business requirements. We offer flexible and affordable Service Level Agreement (SLA) which are aligned to short term and long term IT business requirements and goals. Our SLAs are based on a predictable pricing model which you can count on for budgeting purpose. Rest assured, you will get the high level of service your business requires at an affordable and manageable rate.

SLA Descriptions

Innovation Triage Services (inT) provides basic IT time and materials non proactive service as needed. No software or licensing or monitoring is done. Response time is best effort.

Innovation Backup Services (inB) Innovation Networks will provide software and configure backups of your server as per your business needs, we will then monitor those backups and notify on failures. Monthly test restoration is the only labour included in this agreement.

Innovation Maintenance Services (inM) provides basic IT infrastructure monitoring and proactive alert management. Innovation Networks reviews incoming alerts. The alerts are ticketed and escalated immediately to the designated contact within PosAbilities or a predefined 3rd party vendor for further troubleshooting and resolution. Labour to remediate Backups, Patch Management and Antivirus are included.

Innovation Remote Managed Services (inR) provides monitoring, proactive alert management and SOP remediation to maintain the health of your infrastructure: Innovation Networks reviews incoming alerts and log files to quickly pinpoint an issue and proceed with pre-defined standard operating procedures (SOPs) for remediation. If the SOPs fail to resolve the problem, the ticket is updated and immediately escalated to the designated contact within PosAbilities or ISP vendor for resolution of the issue. Upon approval from PosAbilities, Innovation Networks will dispatch a service technician onsite for complete resolution on a per hour basis.

Innovation Full Managed Services (inF) provides full remediation and management of your IT infrastructure: in addition to monitoring, alert management and SOP remediation, Innovation Networks performs full resolution of problems or issues. Innovation Networks personnel review incoming alerts and log files to quickly pinpoint an issue, and remediate the problem. If the Innovation Networks personnel are unable to resolve the problem, the ticket will be updated with detailed troubleshooting steps and immediately escalated to the vendor Tech Support or ISP vendor for further troubleshooting through to full resolution. When required, Innovation Networks site visits for problem resolution are covered within the inF SLA.

Innovation Premium Managed Services (inP) provides full monitoring, remediation and management of your IT infrastructure just like our Full package, yet special projects are included as well as afterhours scheduled work as well. This allows you to level out your cost over the year.