CMS Publishing Solutions

Take control of your website content.

If you are publishing a lot of content from a number of different sources or if you have multiple departments contributing to and maintaining your business online, then content management is the system for you. A Content Management System (CMS) gives you the ability to manage your content and website through an easy-to-use web interface with little technical knowledge required, so your web pages can be edited, added to or changed instantly from any web browser, by multiple editors. CMS is used all over the world for everything from simple websites to complex corporate applications.

Choosing a content management system (CMS) is not easy. There are hundreds of products in the marketplace, all with highly-variable capabilities. In this rapidly-evolving environment, the challenge is to find the content management system that best matches your business needs. The Innovation Networks web development team is experienced in a variety of open source and commercial quality content management systems but recommend Joomla or WordPress depending on your needs.

Custom Web Development

Content Updates & Web Maintenance Services

With today’s fast paced business world it is important to be current and up on trends and markets as well as new products and services. Your web site is an important communications tool and your users will expect your site to contain the latest information or product services.

Outsourcing your web site maintenance and updates will allow you to focus your time and resources on important matters and can substantially reduce your costs by eliminating the need to hire full time website professionals. Innovation Networks’ update and maintenance services can help you maintain and build your company’s online presence, keeping your clients informed and your business on track. Whether you need an occasional update or regular weekly or monthly content changes, Innovation Networks can customize an update maintenance package to suit your site and your budget. Call us at 604.275.5100 or contact us today with your requirements.

Application Consulting & Database Services

Application consulting: PHP and CGI scripts are powerful web-based applications that can make your web site stand out from the pack and provide your visitors with dynamic content and enrich the user experience. These can include forums, form handlers, content management portals, guestbooks, classified ads, surveys, shopping carts, link exchanges, chat rooms and more. If you are an Innovation Hosting customer, your account already has the ability to run these types of applications.

With the large volume of scripts and applications available today, you may need help deciding whether or not a particular PHP or CGI script is right for you. Innovation Networks’ consulting can clear away the fog and help you choose a web-based application that is right for your site. Many commercial or open source applications available today require a database or can be extremely complicated to install and deploy. We can provide custom installation and setup solutions on a per application basis to ensure seamless integration into your existing web site.

Database services: Our database services include development and deployment of custom database-driven applications for business use, either in-house or in an online deployment. We can integrate your data-driven apps into web pages or intranet sites, or as standalone applications. Database-driven applications can put previously inaccessible information at your fingertips. Call 604.275.5100 today for a development quote.

Other Web Services

Don’t see the service you are looking for listed here? Innovation Networks’ web development team has many years experience on a variety of platforms and services. Call us at 604.275.5100 today with your requirements.