What was once a simple process of buying servers and setting them up to meet your needs, has now become a more complex with several options that come with cloud-based services.

Understanding these options is the first step in deciding what strategy would be best for your business.  The three strategies are:

  • Fully owned – also known as the ‘private cloud’ –  dedicated cloud-based services
  • Fully cloud-based – leverage cloud-based services and minimize internal services
  • Hybrid cloud – use cloud services where appropriate.  Integrate internal services with cloud services to provide a unified user experience

Fully Owned (and Private Cloud)

The fully owned cloud option is where a company purchases and manages all services.  This is the highest cost option and not always appropriate given the varying requirements of a companies.  Prior to making a decision, it is important to understand features, benefits and risks associated with cloud-based services.



Strong security when built and managed properly Higher capital output
Maintain Privacy High management costs
Infrastructure remains internal Ongoing maintenance and upgrades
Lower overall risk Likely redundant requirements


Fully Cloud-Based

Being the lowest cost and often lowest maintenance of cloud services, fully cloud-based is most often recommended.  However, due to the variety of needs in business it is not necessarily the best fit.  Although it offers scalability for early stage or transforming companies, the ‘shared’ nature of the service could jeopardize performance, privacy, and compromise efficiency due to a dependency on internet connectivity.



No capital costs Privacy could be compromised
Vast reduction of low operational effort Infrastructure is shared which may lead to performance issues
Ability to scale infrastructure up or down as needed Dependent on internet connectivity
Upgrades no longer required Higher risk of loss, or reduction of productivity

 Hybrid Cloud

This level of cloud-based services allows a company to leverage the adaptability of the cloud while still being cost effective.  The company can maintain some of their infrastructure but use the cloud for common services such as email or CRM.



Low cost Some operational costs
Ability to scale infrastructure up or down as needed Ongoing maintenance & upgrades on-premise
Only use cloud services where appropriate

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