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Application Services

We offer comprehensive and scalable business system solutions to drive your organization towards its performance targets and strategic objectives.

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Business

Discover our versatile Application Services, designed to enhance your business' operational efficiency and seamlessly adapt to your evolving needs. Innovation Networks offers Project Management Services, Microsoft Office 365 service plans, CRM Selection & Development services, and SharePoint Development Services, all delivered by experienced professionals.

Project Management Services

Innovation Networks offers comprehensive Project Management services tailored to your needs, with ongoing support, technical projects, and certified IT professionals when you need them. Regardless of the scale of your organization, your IT infrastructure and network serve as the cornerstone of your operations. Our mission is to safeguard their overall health and robustness, ensuring they remain resilient and adaptable to the evolving demands of your business landscape.

CRM Selection & Development

Navigating the complex landscape of CRM options can be daunting, given the variations in features, user experience, integration, and packages. At Innovation Networks, we excel in simplifying this journey for you. Leveraging our deep research and industry expertise, we guide you through the process to ensure you select a CRM solution that perfectly aligns with your unique business goals. With our vast experience, we have successfully worked with businesses of all types.


Microsoft Office 365

Discover the capabilities of Microsoft Office 365 - a comprehensive, secure, and flexible package of Microsoft Cloud productivity services. Harnessing the power of Office 365 enables your business to not only reduce operational costs but also provide the right set of tools for each user's specific requirements, thereby maximizing work efficiency. Our Microsoft Office 365 service plans prioritize robust security, reliability, and end-user productivity.

SharePoint Development Services

Enhance collaboration, streamline document management, and optimize your intranet and extranet with our comprehensive SharePoint Services and Solutions. Innovation Networks' expert team builds and hosts websites (cloud or on-premise) and manages web applications, fulfilling a wide range of purposes and functions. Outsource your SharePoint Development to save time, money, and increase productivity, empowering your organization for success.


Why Choose Innovation Networks?

Innovation Networks specializes in delivering comprehensive IT solutions that help businesses boost productivity. By tirelessly managing and upgrading their IT infrastructure and implementing enhancements to support their business processes, we ensure that our clients receive the maximum return on their investment. We're focused on delivering impactful results, and our personalized approach tailors services to meet unique needs. Our team consists of skilled professionals with extensive expertise and a steadfast commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements. Contact us to learn more about our services and how we can help your business thrive in today's competitive market.

Empower your business with expert Managed IT Services

Innovation Networks offers top-tier Managed IT Services and IT Support, delivered by skilled, certified technicians utilizing cutting-edge technologies and proven processes. We guarantee 24x7 uptime for servers, network devices, infrastructure, and business applications, ensuring seamless service.

Headquartered in Richmond, BC, and supported by offices in Calgary, Montreal, and Vancouver, Innovation Networks possesses the infrastructure required to deliver the essential IT solutions your enterprise needs.