About Us

Our Approach

Our mission at Innovation Networks is to empower small and medium-sized businesses with advanced technology solutions that drive growth.

We’re a full-service

IT solutions

provider. We offer scalable solutions to help simplify and alleviate the IT issues that come with running a business. We have experienced staff who have diverse experience devising solutions for many companies in different industries.

Client partnerships built to deliver effective results

Partner with Innovation Networks to unlock the full potential of your IT. Say goodbye to frustration and unnecessary costs of managing your own office infrastructure.

With us, you can shift your focus from day-to-day IT issues to strategic business growth planning.

We’re believers in results-based service

We deliver impactful results to drive your business forward. Our approach goes beyond departmental and industry boundaries, offering tailored solutions. We are pragmatic, action-oriented, and strive to exceed client expectations.

Being second-best is not enough; our goal is to surpass all client expectations.


We have shared ambitions

We are not just an IT service provider, but a comprehensive technical team. With a focus on technology over sales, we foster partner-like relationships with our customers.

Drawing on decades of successful business, we empathize with our clients, align goals, and collaborate to unlock their full potential. This approach cultivates long-lasting relationships, successful plans, and drives our clients’ businesses forward.


Empower your business with expert Managed IT Services

Innovation Networks offers top-tier Managed IT Services and IT Support, delivered by skilled, certified technicians utilizing cutting-edge technologies and proven processes. We guarantee 24x7 uptime for servers, network devices, infrastructure, and business applications, ensuring seamless service.

Headquartered in Richmond, BC, and supported by offices in Calgary, Montreal, and Vancouver, Innovation Networks possesses the infrastructure required to deliver the essential IT solutions your enterprise needs.