Infrastructure Services

Cloud Services

Unleash the Power of the Cloud: Elevate your business with our cutting-edge Cloud Services, designed to deliver scalability, enhanced security, and cost-effectiveness.

The Benefits
Explore how harnessing the cloud can propel your organization forward, revolutionizing the way you operate, collaborate, and innovate. Embrace the future of technology and unlock a world of possibilities with cloud services.
Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365

Discover Microsoft Office 365: Tailored to enhance your business with robust security, reliability, and productivity. Lower costs, empower users with the right tools, and unlock the potential of Office 365. Learn more about each service and leverage them for your organization with us.
Cloud Storage and Backup

Cloud Storage & Backup

Securely Share Files with INN Sync: Like Dropbox, but with added business and client security. Perfect for secure file sharing within your company or with clients. Brand our storage solution with your company info. Say goodbye to unsecured options and start using our Cloud Storage tool today.

Wait a moment... What exactly are Cloud Services?

What was once a simple process of buying servers and setting them up to meet your needs has now become more complex with several options that come with cloud-based services. Understanding these options is the first step in deciding what strategy would be best for your business.

Empower your business with expert Managed IT Services

Innovation Networks offers top-tier Managed IT Services and IT Support, delivered by skilled, certified technicians utilizing cutting-edge technologies and proven processes. We guarantee 24x7 uptime for servers, network devices, infrastructure, and business applications, ensuring seamless service.

Headquartered in Richmond, BC, and supported by offices in Calgary, Montreal, and Vancouver, Innovation Networks possesses the infrastructure required to deliver the essential IT solutions your enterprise needs.