7 Tech Gadgets that Will Make Great Christmas Gifts

7 Tech Gadgets that Will Make Great Christmas Gifts

It’s almost Christmas season, and everyone is looking forward to Boxing Day to unwrap their gifts. Gadgets make a great gift, and there are so many options in the market for any age and gender… after all, 2020 has been quite tough, so we all deserve a treat this Christmas, don’t we?

Top 7 Tech Gadgets to Buy this Christmas Season

Here are the top tech gadgets you can buy as gifts this Christmas.

Fitbit Versa 2 Smartwatch

There’s no doubt that everyone will want to lose a few of the calories they gain during the festive season. The Fitbit versa 2 has a stylish LED that displays your heart rate, monitors your sleep, tracks your swimming, and is Alexa Built-in.
By getting personal insight into your sleep quality, monitoring your workout progress, and getting calls, texts, and notifications, you won’t miss a moment of your life.

Gaming Accessories

There are lots of gaming accessories available, and even though you’re not a die-hard gamer, there’s always something for everyone. VR gaming headsets help players interact with every game, with views realistic enough to reach out and touch.
Cool looking backlit gaming keypads, rechargeable sensor mouse, gamepad stick, and headphones with surround sound also fall in this category.

Beats by Dre

This brand has an array of products to suit different situations, and they are compatible with apple and android devices, making them the best gift for music lovers. If you need to listen to music low-key at the office, you can use the power beats that are more subtle than headphones.
Beats by Dre devices have Active Noise Cancelling features, including the comfortable leather body and foam padding, with integrated ear controls and long hours of listening time.

Nebula Smart Mini Projector

This small, capsule-shaped mini projector projects up to 100 inches of HD video for at least 3 hours. And with a built-in speaker that’s loud enough, it’s a handy tech tool for outdoor movie nights when you’re out camping.

iRoller Screen Cleaner

Everyone uses different touch-active gadgets at home. And sometimes, as you spend more time on your screens, you may smudge your fingerprints all over if your hands are dirty or greasy. The SKT Productions screen cleaner is easy to use; just run it over the surface of the screen to get any smudges off. It’s also reusable, by running under water to clean it.

Eufy RoboVac

When it comes to automatic cleaning while you’re resting on the couch, this small, useful device pulls every trick. The robot Vacuum cleaner is as intelligent as your phone, with its built-in sensors, Wi-Fi connection, and a washable dust collection compartment.
Using laser sensors, it scans the layout of your house to avoid any objects and obstacles to map out every route intelligently. It works seamlessly with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant too.

Amazon Smart Plug

This device works well with Alexa and makes it easy to schedule your lights on/off time. Whenever you walk in the door, you can instantly tell Alexa to turn the lights on. With multiple smart plugs, you can control different devices, from the fans to the coffee maker.
What’s better than finding some freshly brewed coffee as soon as you get home from work?
This Christmas, you have so many options to choose from as more tech companies release new or improved products. And with new technologies like 5G coming up, it will be interesting to see new tech releases in the market.

All brands/products mentioned are simply a reference and are not related in any way to Innovation Networks.