Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plan: what are they? DATTO explains!

Business Technology Talks

Business Technology Talks

Andreas Karakas, president and CEO of Innovation Networks, invited Desraie Thomas, Channel Development Manager at DATTO to introduce the concepts of Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity plan. What a great kick-off to our series Techs on Video Conferences having Coffee

Not only do they start off by sharing their love for coffee, but also dive right into the pandemic and how it is changing the IT landscape. They speak about adjustments that can be made to workplaces and how businesses can start thinking ahead to secure themselves online.

Working from home during the lockdown, in different remote locations is a rising priority, and necessity now, and businesses will have to figure out their plan from working in such a scattered situation. Business continuity solutions are spoken about, both share their views, and how security in the workplace is important.

The Innovation Networks Disaster Recovery Plan is mentioned by Andreas where we go over dry run scenarios with our clients on how to avoid potential disasters/threats in the area of emails, passwords, data, files, phones, servers and much more.