Do You Know How to Select an Antivirus?

How to Select an Antivirus

How to Select an Antivirus

Today we show you the criteria for selecting antivirus software for your business. Below we will list the factors necessary in determining the best antivirus software that meets your business/personal needs.

#1 Operating System
Is the software designed for the OS you are using? Is the product you’re about to purchase compatible with other programs you already use? This is the most basic feature you can check when doing your research.

#2 Product offerings
Most paid options will be part of a larger security suite, offering, along with antivirus protection, enhanced privacy and protection from ransomware, malware and hacking attempts using advanced firewall technologies. It should also be offering multi-platform protection, from your PC or Mac to your mobile devices.

#3 Up-to-date features
Make sure the antivirus performs updates often and offers a means to automate antimalware scans. If you have a managed services provider, they will make sure that your scheduled scans are monitored when your devices are idle.

#4 Performance
A good antivirus does not affect your device performance while scanning for threats when your device is idle or even when you are actively using it in real-time.

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