Everything you need to know about Reels

Everything you need to know about Reels

The uncertainty of TikTok’s future looms over its users as there’s talk to ban the app over national security concerns. If the ban goes into effect, millions of people and content creators will lose an outlet for making creative videos. While TikTok’s fate is currently up in the air, Instagram Reels has launched, providing the outlet people need.

What is Reels?

Instagram Reels is a new feature found in the Instagram Stories camera menu. It’s found either on the bottom menu next to “story” or between the create and default normal modes. To find it, all simply go to the camera for Instagram Stories and it’s at the bottom.

Once you choose Reels, you select your audio by tapping the icon for music. From there, you can search through music and choose the part of the song you want for your video. You may also create a video without songs as well. You can also change the speed of your video by pressing the play icon, choosing speed, and then choosing the speed you want. You can choose 0.3 times up to 3 times speed.

It’s easy to choose how long your video will be by choosing the stopwatch icon and setting a timer. When you set the timer, there is a countdown before the recording starts. Once you’ve recorded your video, you can add filters or effects to the video.

How Does Instagram Reels Compare To TikTok?


Many people who have TikTok accounts post their videos to TikTok and then share those videos on their Instagram feeds. With Reels, they don’t have to put any extra work into sharing the creation on their Instagram feed. This makes Reels convenient to create and share.
People can send their Reels to their friends in the Instagram app. This means they don’t have to create the video in another app, close that app, open another app, and then send it to their friends.
Users can select filters and tools that already exist in the Instagram app.


At this time people can’t upload songs directly to Instagram Reels
Two people can’t collaborate on a video using a feature similar to TikTok’s duet feature.
Instagram Reels has a time limit of 15 seconds compared to TikTok’s 60 seconds.

How Instagram Reels Would Work With Digital Marketing

Digital marketing goes where the attention of its audience goes. When users are engaged, they follow the businesses that hold their interest. Instagram posts and Instagram Stories are already a vital part of digital marketing for brands.

If Instagram Reels isn’t true to that company’s brand with amusing content, then it would be unlikely that a brand would use it for digital marketing. It would not be worth compromising their brand experience just so they can take part with the latest trend

With Reels, brands can use digital marketing to connect to their audience in new ways as well as add more people to their audience. While all of Reels’ features might not be feasible for a brand, those in digital marketing must adapt and be willing to learn about shifting trends and platforms.

It’s undeniable that Instagram Reels presents new opportunities for digital marketing engagement with audiences as well as a social media tool. Using that tool correctly won’t alienate your audience as they’ll see that your brand understands what they’re doing. While it’s important to stay on brand and eschew Reels if it doesn’t fit, there is a risk of becoming outdated, which would present challenges to your business.

Hopefully, this tool will be another option for you to promote your business online.