Staff Augmentation Vs Managed Services: Which One Is Right For Your Business?

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Security and internet technologies are essential for every organization to succeed. An in-depth grasp of everything from HTML to software programs is essential for businesses in both retail and the IT sector. However, security and IT skills are always evolving. Instead of attempting to stay up internally, many business owners are discovering that it is best to outsource services like computer coding and security.

We will compare staff augmentation vs managed services today. Let’s define the differences between perplexing IT jargon and explore the advantages and disadvantages.

What is a Managed Services Provider?

When we talk about managed services in the context of IT, we’re talking about an MSP (Managed Services Provider) who takes care of some or all of a company’s IT requirements. Without having to employ an internal resource, a Managed Services Provider (MSP) may offer your company the freedom of access to a committed and highly qualified IT team. They can handle your cloud requirements while ensuring the continued operation of your other critical IT infrastructure.

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Pros of Managed Services

Cost-Saving Approach

When businesses transfer their IT requirements to outside managed service providers, they can save operating costs. The costs that were avoided included building new infrastructure, buying equipment and software, hiring and paying for IT professionals, training them, and other IT-related costs.

24/7 Accessibility

The fact that managed service providers provide around-the-clock services to address problems that can have an impact on a business is a major benefit. Although the internal IT staff of the company may have set service hours, this is not the situation with managed service providers. As a result, time may be saved and problems can be resolved right away.

Technical Proficiency

When a business outsources its IT demands to third-party managed service providers, it transfers its demands to qualified specialists with the necessary experience in resolving such problems. In the quick-paced, highly competitive business environment, it lets the organization maintain its competitive edge.

Take Care of Security Breaches

Data breaches are among the most common hazards in the era of cybercrime. The third-party managed service provider provides the most recent, real-time upgraded email security products. As a result, they offer the greatest defense against security lapses that might impair a company’s chances.

Staff Augmentation Vs Managed Services

Cons of Managed Services

Reduced Business-IT Synergy

Since an MSP manages several accounts and/or companies, it might be unable to fully comprehend your internal architecture and your company’s unique industry and business demands. To attain efficiencies and reduce the cost of managed IT services for businesses, MSPs must make this trade-off.

Lower Knowledge Retention

Last but not least, the company’s capacity to develop its own procedures and hold onto expertise is diminished when functions are outsourced. Business procedures produce accurate results and facilitate the transmission of information, making them a crucial strategic resource for creating businesses. This is also an important factor in business appraisals.

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When Should I Choose Managed Services?

The corporate world is changing as a result of technology. But it is a complicated sector that evolves quickly. Managed services are your lifesaver if you want to simplify your IT processes and use managed IT service providers to do so. Because they reduce risks, managed service providers are necessary for businesses. Managed services provide ongoing network surveillance as opposed to outsourcing IT just when an issue arises.

Staff Augmentation

An outsourcing method called staff augmentation involves bringing in qualified IT employees from outside your company to temporarily or permanently fill open roles on your team.

It enables a company to select employees who meet your standards and eliminate or expand your augmented staff as needed. Employer augmentation is a common service. Vendors of IT staff augmentation assist you in adding qualified technical employees to your internal development team on a temporary or permanent basis.

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Pros of Staff Augmentation

Clearly Defining Needs

The outstaffing manager works with recruiters to discover the top candidates once you explain the abilities you need to improve the product. This enables you to concentrate precisely on your requirements and streamline project execution by bringing in more tech workers.

A Large Talent Pool

Tech talent is dispersed in several ways. Some nations are short on programmers with a certain skill set. Due to the superior education system and open economy, another nation may have a large population of them. This in turn affects the workers’ hourly wages.


The problem is that the understaffed individuals work in a different professional setting and could provide a lot of fresh perspectives to your team. They might provide fresh concepts, methods, or functionalities to your work. Sharing knowledge might inspire you to come up with innovative ideas that will make your company stand out and be valuable.

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Cons of Staff Augmentation

Communication Chasms

If you work on an internal team, you are aware that it can be challenging for new employees to immediately establish a relationship with the rest of the group. Especially if the new hires will work remotely while your current internal staff is based in the office. But this won’t be a major issue when most people work independently. You only need to contact your outstaffing partner for advice on how to incorporate new members into your team.

Quality Dangers

This problem exists in all models of collaboration. The same applies to staff augmentation. Just locate a trustworthy companion. A definite contract with the business of your choosing will lessen the possibility of receiving subpar services. Participate in the employment process, where you and the officials of the company will select the greatest fit if you really want to feel extra secure.

When Should I Choose Staff Augmentation?

The majority of businesses these days are able to function well with staff augmentation. Keep an eye out for these indicators and immediately hire specialists. However, be cautious to choose a staffing provider you can trust.

You’re Searching for Affordable IT Services

You could believe that adding external IT help to your team would cost more than recruiting qualified individuals directly. However, it isn’t always the case. Take into account the time and money you can save by forgoing the conventional hiring procedure.

You Require a Lot of Project Visibility

In addition to technical training, project coordination and management skills are also taught to IT staff members working for augmentation services. They are aware of the most recent communication materials and technologies and see the value of employing them.

You Require a Particular Skill Set

It’s possible that your business has embarked on a project that calls for expertise that your internal IT staff lacks. Even if the talent you want is uncommon in your area, an IT staff augmentation firm could have it.


Your decision should be based on finding out which service best meets your needs and budget, whether it’s staff augmentation or managed services.

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