The careers of the future are in the IT industry

The careers of the future are in the IT industry

We’ve recently talked about the jobs that will NOT survive technology… While the next few years will likely bring about a lot of changes, IT jobs are never going to go out of fashion. If anything, IT careers are going to become even more valuable because the ability to distance is supported by an extreme amount of technology. The following are a few of the top IT careers to train for if you want to make sure that you land in an industry that always has room for advancement.

Data Architect

Sure, these days data can be aggregated easily these days, but the ability to translate it and analyze it is still something that requires a human touch. The Internet of Things are only expected to become more sophisticated and more interconnected as time presses forward. This means that even more data is going to become available to savvy data analysts. This is where data architects come into play. Businesses will need to hire data architects to make sense of that data and apply it to different areas of their companies. An effective data architect not only understands the technological side of how the data is gathered but also has creative and analytical skills that allow them to perceptualize how the data is connected. If you can combine these skills you can look at a starting salary of over $100,000.

Systems Analysts

With the exception of a mom and pop shop, almost every major business these days is supported by some type of large-ranging system. In order for that system to remain efficient and integrated, the company needs to have a systems analyst in place to support it. This is where systems analysts shine. Their job is to serve as a liaison between the end-users and the system. These IT jobs are likely to be in high demand constantly because as mentioned every company requires a system to run. It is expected that IT careers within this field will grow as much as 9% by the year 2028, so now is the time to beef up your education and learn a variety of basic systems to sharpen your skillset. IT jobs within the healthcare field in particular are expected to increase over the next decade.

UX Designer

These days every company has a website, so website construction is a given field for IT jobs. However, a UX designer is responsible for making a website stand out. He or she does this by looking directly at the functional and emotional needs of their average browsers and then creating a stunning digital experience. The UX designer is not as concerned with the technical sides of a website (although they do understand it) but is instead focused on the experience of the end-user. Companies that want to form a meaningful connection with their consumers lean heavily on UX designers and that is why the job definitely falls into the category of careers of the future.