The Real Cost of In-House IT Support vs. IT Managed Services Provider: A Side-By-Side Comparison for IT Solutions

Your company is considering IT as a strategic role due to the IT agility gap that continues to grow as more businesses become technology-driven for well over decades.

Both IT solutions have opportunities and obstacles. However, the most important thing to consider while deciding on the best support for your business’s IT infrastructure management is to comprehend your existing circumstances to identify what you want to do after hiring the right IT support

The most significant thing is to ponder your budget, as the cost is usually the critical factor that impacts your decision.

If you are already in that boat, don’t worry, this article provides a soup to nuts information for two different IT solutions, which will help you squeeze extra dollars out of your decision. Want to find out how? Keep reading, and we will help you make the proper decision and settle the controversy.

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In-House IT Support Vs. IT Managed Services Provider: Meanings

First and foremost, we want to briefly define those two IT solutions to make it clear for you and make sure we are both talking from the same perspective.

What is In-House IT Support?

On-site IT support is a reliable team or even staff member who knows your business’s ins and outs.

On-site IT support is located Full-time in your company and is liable to troubleshoot day-to-day issues Indeed, we don’t mean letting one of your marketing staff be your IT guy just because of that one time he fixed the projector.

What is an IT Managed Services Provider (MSP)?

IT Managed Services provider (MSP) is also a type of IT solution that refers to outsourcing information technology infrastructure and operations to an external provider.

IT Managed Services Provider (MSP) offers your business a comprehensive package of IT services that could be remotely handled.

MSP allows your business to unpack the IT infrastructure management and maintenance to a team of experts, releasing you to focus on your core business efforts.

It is useful information, but it is all pretty general, right? So, let’s go through each part step by step!

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In-House IT Support Vs. IT Managed Services Provider: The Real Cost

Hidden Costs of Hiring On-Site IT Support

Hiring On-Site IT Support has its benefits. included quick support, eye-to-eye detecting issues, business ins and out knowledge (customized knowledge), and training specifically for company IT infrastructure management needs. However, those benefits do come at a cost – literally.

So, we will show you the Hidden Costs you may not aware of it.

1. Hiring Costs

Hiring an On-Site IT Support team is not just a monthly salary. Without being overkill, the journey of hiring, training, and ensuring that your IT support team is up to date with the latest technology is very complicated. Moreover, the Health and Social Insurance, administration fees, and additional equipment.

Also, we all know that no one knows everything. So, if you seek to manage your business’s IT infrastructure sufficiently, you will have to hire several workers with advanced skills to fulfill Your On-Site IT support department.

2. Downtime Costs

On-Site IT Support may work 9 hours a day. On the other hand, business risks like backups failure, security violations, and data loss are always generated during this downtime. So, you will invest thousands of hours, quite literally gambling with your entire business.

Ideally, having available IT Support around the clock to face any issue that may arise is a must, as you can solve this problem immediately without wasting time and money.

3. Kit costs (Hardware and Software)

Having On-Site IT Support to manage your Company’s IT Infrastructure requires purchasing Computers, software, and applications. Sadly, the costs will not stop once you acquire them. , because you will continually spend money and time on the maintenance and advancement of those hardware and software to ensure their efficiency and effectiveness.

In-House IT Support vs. IT Managed Services Provider

Cost Benefits of Hiring an IT Managed Services Provider

1. Reduce Infrastructure Expenses

By Hiring an IT Managed Services Provider, you will be owed by what resources you use. For instance, if you don’t need a specific feature, you don’t have to buy it. However, if you need it for a particular time, you can easily use it and drag it as soon as you finish. Therefore, you do not have to pay more.

Additionally, you can keep your data up-to-date and secure without investing in your IT infrastructure. Your business can take advantage of the latest technology and will be regularly up to date with the latest features and security patches.

Ideally, this can save you money compared to hiring On-site IT support.

2. Boost Efficiency

Hiring an IT Managed Services Provider can support you focus on your core business by outsourcing Your IT infrastructure management to a team of experts with well-versed IT skills; So, you can free up your time to improve your business’s overall efficiency and effectiveness.

3. Access To Expert Support

As a business owner, you know that time is the coin of our life. So, hiring a reliable MSP can protect Your business’s database from unplanned hardware failure or unexpected disasters.

Suppose you are getting somewhere, and a critical issue has been raised. Dealing with an MSP will help you save time and costs by letting you have access round the clock to deep expertise. As a result, your company will have peace of mind by offering backups and high problem-solving techniques standards.


As was said, there are a few key factors to consider when deciding which of those two IT Solutions is the right choice for your business. Also, your decision should be based on understanding which of both IT Solutions sufficiently fulfills your business’s needs and finding out which fits your Estimated budget.

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