What Is IT Infrastructure? | Why Is It Important to Your Business?

IT infrastructure is a combination of cloud-based and on-site IT infrastructure and is considered the backbone of today’s digital IT era.

It is the main component your business needs to run and manage its IT environments, as it provides it with the computing network, workplace, and data platform capabilities to empower and run its applications.

In this article, we will discover more about the importance of IT infrastructure to ensure the growth of your business. But before digging deep into the importance of IT infrastructure, let’s know the basics of IT infrastructure.

What is IT infrastructure?

IT infrastructure is an independent component in your IT infrastructure, including expensive hardware, data centers, networks, servers, and software.
It links all your workers and departments while facilitating back-end operations and online communications with your end users.

However, With the rise of cloud computing, the demand for expensive hardware IT infrastructure is shrinking as more data systems are being moved off-premises.

What is cloud-based IT infrastructure?

Modern cloud-based IT infrastructure is simply a code that includes a mix of cloud settings, on-premises data centers, and edge computing devices that can be automatically managed and monitored from anywhere. This code could be represented in software-defined storage or as online IT solutions offered by IT service providers.

As we said, IT infrastructure should combine on-site and cloud-based IT infrastructure and guarantee that every component in your business is feeding into the next. Also, it should be secure, scalable, and optimized for your business’s specific requirements.

This process requires dynamic IT solutions that combine innovation, automation, and optimization.

Here, IT infrastructure management comes into the role!

What is IT infrastructure

What is IT infrastructure management?

IT infrastructure management is the key nowadays, which means your business’s traditional IT infrastructure will need some IT solutions to modernize it to a software-defined and intelligent infrastructure to maximize its cloud to be capable of using cloud computing in your infrastructure and storing all your business data.

IT Infrastructure management is the management of IT processes and procedures. It also includes all IT solutions that support all activities and services required for your business’s needs and functions.

It deals with the on-site and cloud-based IT infrastructure required to deliver business services, including business applications and networking components.

IT infrastructure management can be divided into three sub-categories of management.

System management

It is responsible for on-site IT infrastructure in the data centers of your business. Also, it includes log control, workload automation, configuration management, etc.

Network Management

This part of IT infrastructure management includes cybersecurity. Hence, It is also responsible for your business security elements, as IT solutions must maintain visibility into the network to control your business’s network security against unauthorized access and data breaches.

Store Management

It is a critical part of IT infrastructure management. Hence, it is responsible for data-storage technologies and resources, such as storage provisioning, data compression, and data protection.

Now, you have basic information about IT infrastructure and how is it managed!

Why is IT infrastructure important to your business?

Proactive protection against data breach

Security is perhaps the critical responsibility your business may face. However, having an efficient IT infrastructure goes the extra mile by putting the necessary resources toward the security of your data.

A robust IT infrastructure can prevent future breaches by predicting, analyzing, tracking threats, and identifying your business’s weak spots. It also can avoid data theft or corruption, manage and recover your data, and have backup storage in case of disasters.

Better end-user experience

Your business’s IT infrastructure is crucial to your customers. Hence, investing in your IT infrastructure allows you to provide them with better products and customer service.
On the other hand, ensuring high availability and minimizing downtime with effective disaster management and preventative maintenance means you will never lose a customer due to unexpected delays.

Besides, IT infrastructure guarantees stable connections and streamlined procedures for supporting customers online, as slow speeds could result in loss of sales or delayed customer management.

Improve communication and Increase Productivity

IT infrastructure can reach maximum team productivity by offering efficient and accessible applications which can reduce downtime and minimize delayed responses.

Furthermore, it keeps your data safe and retrievable no matter where a worker is or what device they use.

This support can optimize your worker’s workdays and boost productivity for your business.

This effective IT infrastructure makes it simple to engage and operate with each other and encourages them to stay productive while working remotely.

Follow Standards and Compliance

Your business must deal with sensitive consumer data, especially in the ever-changing world of information and technology. So, your business must have a set of standards for safety, transparency, security, and compliance rules to follow.

A sufficient IT infrastructure helps your business meet and exceed these international standards and put your business above competitors by helping you stay on top of compliance regulations, boasting world-class security and integrity. It also protects your business from data breaches and unauthorized access or misuse that may result in fines or legal action.

Increase your business’s flexibility and Scalability

A flexible, scalable IT infrastructure will be able to adapt and change to suit the evolving needs of your business by supporting your business with more storage capacity, new models, new software, and equipment, and getting the latest updates and applications throughout the life of your business.


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