What you need to know about the Cloud

The Cloud, or Cloud Computing, is the process of delivering computer services such as databases and software over the internet. The Cloud has become such a popular way of running business IT processes because it offers faster innovation, easier scaling, and helps to reduce costs. Cloud services have also been proven to improve company productivity and increase profits.

It’s likely that you’ve heard these things before, but what really is the Cloud, and how does it work?

Here are 4 of the most important things you need to know about the Cloud, the services that it offers, and how your business can benefit.

1. The Cloud is Usually Free

If you aren’t already using Cloud services, this might be surprising to you, but most Cloud applications are free to use. If you only require a basic Cloud service and limited storage, it is unlikely that you will have to pay. However, you may be required to invest in a paid subscription to use more advanced features and to get more out of the service.

It might also be important to know that you will need to pay for an internet connection to operate Cloud services.

2. The Cloud is Considered Extremely Secure

If you have reservations about storing your business’ data online, you’ll be happy to discover that Cloud computing is considered a very secure way of storing data.

Individual computers can easily be stolen or hacked, leaving your company’s data liable to a breach. Cloud applications use data encryption methods to prevent data hacking and provide additional data security. This also makes downloading data and information onto new computers a far more simple process.

3. There are Two Main Types of Cloud Platforms

The two most common Cloud computing platforms are Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and Software as a service (SaaS). The Cloud platform your company uses will depend on your needs. IaaS Cloud platforms allow your organization to purchase relevant resources on-demand rather than outright. Whereas, SaaS platforms allow applications to be operated by third-party vendors, which consequently reduces time-consuming activities.

IaaS Cloud platforms are considered the most flexible Cloud computing model. However, SaaS platforms are the most commonly utilized by businesses as they reduce money and time spend on tedious tasks.

4. Cloud Services Offer Greater Insight

As the digital age develops, the insights you have into your business are more important than ever. Understanding the data surrounding customer/client or purchase behavior and areas where spending is going to waste is key to increasing business and transaction efficiency. Most Cloud applications offer integrated insights and analysis’ of your organization’s data.

Without the Cloud, it is effectively impossible for your company to sift through all the millions of nuggets of information relating to your company. The Cloud offers this information in an easy to understand and act-upon way.

Cloud computing is one of the most innovative modern inventions for 21st-century businesses. These online platforms have revolutionized the way companies manage and store data and allow organizations to behave in a far more competitive manner. The Cloud is not only the future of data management, it is the present.